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Our History

The Anderson family established Manor Cleaners in Fallbrook in 1952. They operated the original store for many years.

Later, the Archibald family took over the business and continued to serve the Fallbrook community.

In 1993, Pete and Nina Mungo purchased the business and expanded it by adding garment alterations.

In 1995, Pete Mungo became aware of a much safer dry cleaning technology during one of his visits to his native Italy and decided to adopt it without hesitation. It was a success that made him proud and made his business environmentally friendly at a time when the environmental consciousness was just starting to be recognized as a civic duty.

In 2004, Paul Mungo took over the business from his father and started a gradual modernization and expansion.

In 2009, Manor Cleaners introduced the home service pick up and delivery that was an instant hit with many of its existing customers and attracted new customers outside the traditional service area.

Manor Cleaners intends to expand its home service further with the adoption of an internet-based order processing technology and new home service routes in surrounding communities.
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