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Go Green

Environmentally friendly dry cleaning technology

Manor Cleaners has been a pioneer in the use of the most environmentally friendly dry cleaning technology that was originally brought from Europe in 1995. At that time, Manor Cleaners was the first and only cleaner in North San Diego County to adopt this more expensive but much safer and innovative dry cleaning technology.

This dry cleaning technology is based on hydrocarbons derived solvents rather than the per chloride historically and still used by most other cleaners. Per chloride is a potential carcinogen and a ground water contaminant.

Manor Cleaners purifies and recycles all its dry cleaning solvent so that it disposes only a very small amount of concentrated impurities. That disposal is done in a safe manner in full compliance with the regulations of the State of California.

The "green" innovation is still on-going at Manor Cleaners. In the last few years, Manor Cleaners adopted an even safer water-based wet cleaning technology that is currently used whenever possible and currently processes approximately 40% of the total dry cleaning loads.

Clear polyethylene plastic bag use reduction

It is well known that clear polyethylene plastic bags are a menace to the environment because they are disposed in landfills and decay only over a very, very long period of time.

Manor Cleaners now offers to its regular customers the use of heavy duty, re-usable green garment bags for clean garments and bulk bags for dirty garments.

Most Manor Cleaners customers responded very favorably. Thus, the use of clear throw-away polyethylene bags has been drastically reduced.


Manor Cleaners also offers to all its customers the possibility of recycling hangers so that the used hangers do not end up in the landfills.

The extra effort by Manor Cleaners personnel is well worth it.

"We warmly encourage all of our customers to protect our precious environment and support our environmentally friendly efforts !!!"
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